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ork.George GrahamTop johnydepPost subject: Re: 2013 girls STIC programPosted: Wed Jul 31,[url=http://www.australianikemax2015.com]Australia Nike Air Max[/url], 2013 1:46 pmClub CaptainJoined: Sat Aug 05, 2006 12:17 amPosts: 5221juniorsupporter wrote:I don't know who the coaches are, but to answer your question about the purpose of the tournament I think it's:1. STIC stands for State Talent Identification Competition- to identify players for state programs and beyond- although this is mostly relevant for U12's I think-2.It's an end-of-year tournament for players to participate in- something for younger and/or social players to aspire to, even if it doesn't lead to elite football. My daughter has always enjoyed playing in it as she gets to have a run with her friends from other clubs. It's fun. So it's an opportunity to play and compete in a fun, social environment-Two years ago, I would have agreed with you._________________johnydepPost subject: Re: 2013 girls STIC programPosted: Wed Jul 31, 2013 2:00 pmClub CaptainJoined: Sat Aug 05, 2006 12:17 amPosts: 5221M@rvin wrote:If STIC stands for State Talent Identification Competition why allow players that have been identified previously to compete?Year after year you see players that train/play for SASI/NTC or state teams be selected for STIC teams. If anything the number of already identified players should be limited this would then allow more players that have not participated previously to compete and perhaps get identified.Last year, the State team girls were told that they did not have to be play in STIC, but they could if they wanted to.I don't know what has been decided this year, though I do agree with your comments.Is it too much to ask for answers -how many positions available in the State and NTC squads for identified STIC players?What is the cost to parents?Just found this (forgot about it) - FFSA wrote:Dear AllThe purpose of this email is to provide you all with an update regarding changes to the format for the Girls Talent Identification Championships for 2013.This year we are looking at expanding the Championships to cover Under 12��s, Under 14��s and Under 16��s age groups.The reason for the change in age groups is to establish clear identification pathways for the three current FFSA ran squads the Under 13��s, Under 15��s and NTC.In addition by opening up these age groups, Football Federation SA hopes to attract new girls that haven��t been involved in such events and give all players in South Australia the opportunity to showcase their talents.The Championships will consist of 4 zones for each age group, being North,[url=http://www.australianikemax2015.com/au-nike-air-max-2014-black-white-p-41785.html]Nike Air Max 2014 Black White[/url], South, Central and Country.We believe that pathways and opportunities such as these are vital to allowing as many female players as possible the chance to continue to develop and be identified. We look forward to a new and exciting championships, showcasing the future of women��s football in South Australia.Nominations for coaches and players will be distributed in the near future.Kind RegardsTracey DycerWomen's Competition CoordinatorFOOTBALL FEDERATION SA_________________juniorsupporterPost subject: Re: 2013 girls STIC programPosted: Wed Jul 31, 2013 3:33 pmBench WarmerJoined: Sat Apr 03, 2010 9:11 amPosts: 592There are a few reasons that I can think of to include some girls already identified-1. To see how the girls who have not been identified look relative to the ones who have- we've all seen games where a player looks great relative to what's on the pitch at the time. It's one thing if the player is 15 and looks great in the U15 comp (just a random example- insert any age group). It's quite another to see them playing reserves, for instance, to see how they behave under pressure,[url=http://www.australianikemax2015.com/au-nike-air-max-2014-women-red-black-p-41816.html]Air Max 2014 Women Red Black[/url], what their decision making is like or whether they can operate well at the faster pace.2. Often in the last few years the zones have had trouble fielding teams for STIC,[url=http://www.australianikemax2015.com/au-nike-air-max-2011-womens-green-black-grey-p-41654.html]Nike Air Max 2011 Womens Green Black Grey[/url], for whatever reason- I don't think many will be excluded by the inclusion of some girls who have already been identified. There are only a few NTC girls who are 1997- and only a couple of those will play STIC. And given that there's only one U14/15 state side, th


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